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Div3: SuperNova FC 1, Flying Possums 1

It was another cold night. We started the game one girl down, equalized, and then lost a different girl to injury. We played the game down one the rest of the way. No subs. Just as soon as we had a full team to roll with last week, tonight we were short. So it goes.

Our goalkeeper also suffered some sort of injury and did not attend. That set the stage for me to play an entire game in net against a Division 3 team. Yikes. But, if it wasn't for my team who put in some fantastic work, the scoreline could have been worse.

The other team scored midway through the first half to take the lead. They had it just outside the 18 yard box, and their guy played with it for way too long before getting a shot away. I was screened the entire time, but didn't think to say anything. Usually things open up and I eventually see the shot. All I heard was the kick and the ball was in the top corner of the net by the time I picked up on it. I should have yelled to step to the guy, or I was screened, or anything. I keep replaying that play in my mind, and physically there was nothing else I could do. I didn't see the shot. I'm not going to blame anyone though. It's like a deflection, sure it hits someone and goes in, but it's not their fault. It just happens.

The other team had a billion offside calls as well. Multiple breakaways that were called back because they were behind our defense. They could have put in 4-5 goals on those alone, but the flag went up almost every time. I had some luck on my side, that's for sure.

The second half saw more pressing by the other team. We would get the ball to half, but being down a player and being tired, we couldn't do much with it afterward. Then the other team would come down with the ball, and despite looking like they had it together, their play wasn't cohesive. Dribbling into coverage, bad passes, not shooting the ball. It's no wonder the score was so low.

On one play, they did get the ball in the box, shot, and there was a deflection off my defender. However, it donked off the post and out of bounds. What's funny is I put some good voodoo on that post not too much earlier in the half, it must have paid off! Cause on a deflection, I'm already expecting to react one way, the ball goes the other, and everything freezes. I just watch as my momentum completely stops between what I was going to do and suddenly needing to go the other way. If ya can't be good, at least be lucky, haha.

Then came... the SAVE. OF. THE CENTURY.

Not really.

But the best save I'll make for the rest of my life.

Breakaway by the other team. Right footed shot coming up the left wing, my right side. I'm a forward, I've been in that position a thousand times, I know what's going down every single time, so I'm already anticipating what this guy is going to do. He's going to come inside the box, angle inside at the last moment, and shoot to the far side of the net. There's space galore there. It's easy pickin's.


He shoots short side.


The second he shoots, I'm diving off my left foot that's planted, towards where I thought the ball is going. My right leg hasn't completely extended yet, so I thrust out as far as I can with that leg while traveling in the opposite direction. The ball *BARELY* hits the tip of my shoe. The ball deflects, hits the post, goes out of bounds.


SportsCenter Top 10 play right there.

First thing out of my mouth: "can you believe that just happened?"

Was I leaning a bit? Did I cheat just a little? Probably. He probably read that and went short side knowing I already made up my mind. First lesson of goalkeeping: let the forward make the first move. A little bit of athletic ability plus a little bit of luck helped me make that save and keep us in the game.

I didn't realize how important that save was. We could have been down 0-2 and folded. Instead, we managed a late goal to tie on an unthinkable run up field with only two people. Two cross-field passes and we had beat their defense. Not only that, WE HAD A CHANCE TO WIN. We were awarded a penalty shot with minutes to go. Unfortunately, we hit the post with it. GAH. A game we probably shouldn't have been in, and we were that close to taking the lead! I'm glad we got the point, keeps us undefeated two games in. Again, as the old saying goes, we have our full squad, we win this game no problem. But all credit to everyone that showed up and played, and made sure they didn't get as many shots off which helped me out. Onwards!



May 2011

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