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Div3: SuperNova FC 1, Cool Kids 1

And now, last night's game. Oh MAN. This team gets under my skin. They are good, we are good, it's a clash of Div3 titans. Unfortunately, we played on a grass field, which was really a mud field since it just rained a couple days ago. And the field used to be one of the pristine grass fields in the county. Now it's junk. Turf it!

We went in at half 0-0. I didn't think we had too much of an offensive presence all game. But we went up 1-0 halfway through the 2nd half. It started as a foul of some sorts near midfield. I was finally close enough to take a free kick, so I set up and kicked a choice ball to the right side of the field. So choice. It flew perfectly over their jumping defender, bounced just right so my forward could run on to it, have a touch, and put in a ball across the mouth of the goal. Ermi was set up nicely, only had to back up a step and jump to head the ball down at the goal. I couldn't tell from my angle, but he said the ball donked off the post, off the goalie's knee, and into the goal. He tried to disguise it and threw the ball back over the line, but the assistant ref on the far sideline saw the ball completely crossed the line and went in. BAM. I don't get the assist, but I set up that play. So choice.

But, as seems to happen a lot this season, they scored in the dying minutes of the game. Less than two minutes left to be exact. Our goalkeeper had been keeping our lead in tact with 10-bell saves, diving across goal left and right. It was a SHOW. But, on a corner kick, the ball found their player who came charging on, none of us picked him up and all he had to do was one time it in the net. I basically froze, because I thought my defender in front of me was going to get his head on it, or something, so I eased up. I wasn't going to charge at him, I thought he had it. But the split second it went over his head, it was done. There was no time to react. Total dagger. I wanted SO BAD to beat this team. We had to settle for a tie.

I played defense, and wasn't too terrible at it, but it definitely reinforced how much I need to exercise. I am blobby mcbloberson, and it needs to change. It still amazes me how easy it is to disregard the common sense I proclaim to possess.



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