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Div5: Fairfax United 2, Militia United 0

First off, the other team had only 8 players. They played 3 girls short. Their only sub was injured in the second half. Second, each team had a very gusty wind at their back. We had it at our backs in the first half. So, being 3 field players up and having the wind, we should go up quickly on this team.

0-0 at half.

They have some good players. They are fast, strong on the ball. Yes, we routinely beat this team, but you wouldn't know that in the first half. I had to play goalie the entire first half, our regular goalie didn't make it until the first half was close to ending. I didn't touch the ball. Not once. The ball came over the half line a handful of times, but never made it as far as me. So I watched as we somehow managed to not put in 4-5 goals in the first half. It was frustrating being in net for that.

So I jokingly said I'd have to put in the goals, haha. I put in the game winner, which is all that matters. I was on the left wing, and a ball was played in my direction that their defender badly misjudged. I simply sidestepped and ran past him, and I tried to cross the ball but it deflected off another defender and still went forwards toward the net. The goalie had come out and was completely out of position, so I had an easy tap in goal from about 16 yards out.

JJ netted the second goal. Upper right corner off a pass in the box. Great strike.

It kind of sucks not playing against a full squad. We had *16* players show up. They had 9. That sort of plays in my mind and running up the score isn't appealing. That being said, I still missed a few shots I should have put in. I had a diving header on the 6 yard box that I didn't judge right and went right to the goalie. I had another shot atop the 18 yard box that I booted over the net. I totally leaned back on that shot like a chump. Never lean back. I had all day to control and walk in with the ball, I felt rushed for whatever reason. I also tried to pass as much as possible to set others up. Apparently I passed too much, I was told to just shoot the ball. That rarely happens, haha. Last minute of the game, I had an onside break up the right that took me inside the box, and I should of just shot, it was a gimmie goal, but Alex was shouting from the left, and I really wanted to get him a goal. He threaded the pass from me through the goalie's legs, but it didn't count. Offside. DAGGER. I wasn't paying any attention, he was ahead of me with no defenders between us and the goalie. I just put my hands on my head and walked away. I'm totally fine with the low score. I'm only slightly annoyed that I could have padded my own stats with a couple more goals, but it's of no concern. We're 3-1, we've beat the teams we're supposed to, and had a tough loss to a "better" team. A winning season is what I finally want to achieve.



May 2011

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