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Div 3 Round-up

I've slacked off getting updates done. I hate when something feels like it's becoming a chore. Because I like having recaps for personal reasons, but after a game I never feel like writing anything up. Maybe doing these in chunks will be better.

Anyways, there have been 3 games since the last update, let's see what I can remember!

Apr 20th: SuperNova FC 1, FBCA United 1
This game took place on one of the hurting grass fields we still use. The lines were drawn incorrectly, the grass wasn't cut, the ball died if you tried passing it on the ground. Terrible field conditions. The weather was super nice, though. I split a half in net with another guy on the team. The other team's only goal came on a completely lucky shot in the 2nd half while I was on goalkeeper duty. The other team was coming up their right wing, and lofted a shot way up into the air. I thought the ball was sailing over the net, no way is that a threatening shot. But it drops. It dropped perfectly under the bar into the net. I was so disgusted. Luckily, we were awarded a penalty shot late in the game and was able to bury it to get the tie. With the field being as terrible as it was, getting a point out of the game was acceptable.

May 9th: Flying Possums 5, SuperNova FC 1
This team basically ran through our entire team with a couple fast guys. I let in two goals in a bout a quarter game's worth of goalkeeping. The first was a long throw-in that they headed down into the corner of the net, just past my outstretched arms. Totally frustrating. The 2nd goal was a breakaway I had no chance on. Finally, our regular keeper came in, but there was no relief from the other team's onslaught.

But then, the ref turned into a dick.

I resumed my defensive position duties, but apparently every defensive attempt I made was a foul. Now, the first couple were fouls, I did them on purpose and accepted them. However, this ref decided to profile me from here on out, and any bump or touch or attempt to defend was interpreted as a foul. This guy can go fuck himself. Hell, someone ran into me and I was called for the foul. The loss I accept, the other team imposed their will on us. But singling me out like that, what's the point there? I better not come across this guy again, that's all I have to say.

May 15th: SuperNova 3, Gang Green 2
We *barely* were able to field a team. Luckily, the other team wasn't up many players on us. After starting the game late and finding our rhythm, we got out of the first half 0-0. In the second half we started getting some of the play through the midfield. We went up 2-0, one on a breakaway, another on a nice passing play with a gorgeous cross-goal shot. Unfortunately, we started breaking down in our defensive third. For some reason I don't remember the other team's first goal, and the second one they scored to tie it came off a clearing attempt. Their player received the ball, dribbled through 3 of our players, then shot one off the post and in. So we didn't help ourselves out much. But I think for the first time, we gave up a lead but were still able to win a game. In the last few minutes we strung a few passes together and pushed a ball out wide to the left, where Kimmie's magic left foot once again came through a rocketed a shot under their keeper. It was pure magic! It felt so good to pull out a win.

7 games in, 5 to go. 3-3-1 (W-T-L), 13 points, 3rd place, 12-13 GF-GA. A couple of those ties should have been wins too. Still, only one loss 7 games in is impressive.



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