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Div 5 round-up

I don't think this team has ever had a winning season, even before I joined. We've at least secured a .500 record no matter what happens from here on out. Let's get to the recaps.

Apr 26: Fairfax United 1, Roadkill 0

A game where we beat the undefeated first place team. It took a ginormous effort from everyone, huge saves from our keeper, and some luck. I don't know if they had their entire team there, but we were able to shut down their main players from most of their through runs, and on the occasion a shot got through, our keeper was up to the task. The only goal came very early in the game. I was sitting in an on-side pocket in the right forward position. Cemi saw me, I gave him the nod, and he sent a through ball right were it needed to be. I brought it into the box, already had pre-determined where my shot was going to go, and executed. Far left side of the side netting. Goal! Boo-ya. I don't remember us getting too many shots after that, and I think I played some defense to help ensure the victory. It was one of the more satisfying wins this team has had.

May 1st: Roadkill 4, Fairfax United 0

Unfortunately, on the back-to-back scheduled games, we were missing our goalie and our fastest guy on the field who happens to play center defense. I let in 3 goals in half a game's worth of work. The first was a breakaway that I was so confident I had cut the angles and he had no shot he could score on. But he put it through my wickets. It just got worse from there on out. I think their second goal was a rocket into the corner I had no chance on, and their third goal was a soft goal where the guy caught me cheating off the post and put it short side. And it was THE SAME GUY. They had one player who'd run through everyone and score. If we could have shut him down, they wouldn't have got a single goal. I played in the field in the 2nd half but was completely ineffective. They got one more goal on a lucky looping shot that was unsavable. It was just a sub-par performance, like the days of old.

May 3rd: Fairfax United 2, Skittlebrau 0

However, on a short turnaround, we bounced back and won against decent competition. I thought we would have more trouble than we did with this team. They just couldn't bring the ball up the field and establish a lot of possession. Statistic oddity: Casey and me each split half a game in net, and we each scored a goal. That's fantasy soccer team material! Casey got the game winner off a header in the first half that sailed perfectly into the top corner of the net. My goal came in the second half off a play I actually worked to get. Usually I don't defend much or pressure the ball if we've lost it in the offensive third, but I gave it a go this time around. I caused enough havoc, won the ball, was eventually able to receive a pass and thread a shot between a diving keeper and a defender. It was a very pretty play overall. We could have netted a couple more and improved our goal differential, but we were a touch or a pass off. Still, nice to get another shutout, the third of the season.

May 12th: Fairfax United 4, Own Goal 1

The result was never in doubt. We probably win by more if I could shoot the ball with my left foot though. I think there were 5 chances where my shot was weak, or I hit the ground first with my foot. Gah! I assisted on our first goal, a play where I take the ball deep into the box, distribute it to someone up top for an easy shot. Perry blasted it in with authority. David got our 2nd on a header that looked like it was going over, but dropped nicely into the upper corner of the net. We all watched as it floated peacefully into the goal. I netted the third goal, surprisingly with my left foot. Again, I found myself in an on-side pocket up the right wing, Alex served up a beautiful lob pass, and after it bounced once, I half-volleyed it with my left foot towards the net. I thought it was going to go wider than it did, but it caught the goalie's outstretched right hand. It spun off his hand and there was enough spin that it curved just inside the far post into the goal. Kind of lucky, but I'll take it! We gave up a late goal on a breakaway that the other team happened to have a fast guy up the field for. But we came right back and Perry buried his second of the game from about 20 yards out into the top of the net. A good win overall.

8 games in, 4 to go. 6-0-2 (W-T-L), 18 points, 2nd place, 14-9 GF-GA. I have 7 goals to lead the team, Perry and Alex with 2 apiece, JJ Casey and David A with one apiece. We still have to play DIPL FC again, and I hope we have our full team so we can beat them. Hopefully I don't get hacked to bits like I did in the first game.



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