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Nov. 21st, 2010

End o' season roundup - Fall 2010

Stats! Because that's what I do.

Division 5: Fairfax United
9th place out of 13
14 points, 4-2-6 (W-T-L)
18 GF, 53 GA, -35 GD
Goal scorers:
6 - Izi
5 - Brad
2 - Phil
1 - Cemi
1 - Alex
1 - JJ
1 - Javi
1 - Dave
*I also played goalkeeper for 4 full games and 4 quarter games: 5 GP, 24 GA, 1 SO

Division 5 roundup: We played each team only once, so there was no chance to get revenge against some teams we tied or lost to. I think we could have ended up 7-1-4 if we had enough people show up for games. I didn't lead our team in goals for the first time in 6 seasons, but that was because of all the games I played in the net. I had 3 bad games in net, giving up 5, 12, and 6 goals, but also had a 1 goal tie and a shutout tie. We actually ended up tied for 8th place with an identical record, but the other team had a better goal differential and scored one more goal than we did.

Division 3: SuperNoVa FC
5th place out of 7
15 points, 4-3-5 (W-T-L)
22 GF, 34 GA, -12 GD
Goal scorers:
Guy - 7
Percy - 6
Ermi - 3
Dan - 2
Juan - 2
Derek - 1
Brock - 1
*I also played goalkeeper for 2 quarter games: .5 GP, 1 GA, 0 SO

Division 3 roundup: We had trouble all season fielding a full team, so we lost a bunch of games we could have won. I'm pretty sure we could have ran the table on this group now that I look at the scores. In the last half of the season we beat the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, all because we had more people show up. I did not hit the net this season. I only had a scant amount of chances, most of which weren't very quality either. It's hard to play forward on a team that has better runners up front and not many people who want to play defense. It was nice to go 3-3-1 in the last 7 after such a terrible start to the season. We were actually tied for 4th place with an identical record and goal differential, but the other team had a better head-to-head record and scored one more goal than us.

Fall soccer is done. I hope when the spring comes there are people on my teams that actually show up the majority of the time.

Nov. 18th, 2010

Div5: DIPL FC 10, Fairfax United 1

This is the reschedule from a couple weeks back when the lights went out on us halfway through a game. We were only down 1-0 at that game. Unfortunately, no one showed up tonight, we played 3 people down, and ended up getting killed.

I scored the goal, and should have had 3 more. I hit two crossbars and had a nice cross come off my foot horribly while I was in the box. I was dribbling around this team at my leisure. I'll say it, I was selfish, but when I can basically have my way, I'm going to take advantage of it.

It would have been nice not to get clipped all the time. By the end of the game my knee and side were scraped and bleeding a little. And for a team that put up double digit goals, they did a lot of bitching and complaining.

It would be wonderful if I actually got to practice shooting on net. I didn't have my touch this entire season, due to volunteering to play goal, and subbing in on defense. I'd probably put a few more goals away if I have the luxury of having a strong finishing touch. I'm suddenly on auto-pilot when I am in range with a good shot, and if my touch is horrid, the shot is horrid. I'm not trying to come up with excuses, I just know I'm better than my showing this season.

At least it's over now. Hopefully we get people who can actually show up to games next season.

Nov. 17th, 2010

Div3: SuperNova FC 3, Screwdrivers 2

Once again, we play the upset maker and prevent this other team from taking 1st place. Even through we were down a couple people, we proved that we are as good as any of these teams in this league. It'd just be nice to have consistency with our lineup. It was a well played game, coming from behind and holding on to the lead late in the game. They had the personnel that was capable of putting up a bunch of goals, but for whatever reason couldn't put together a good enough performance to beat us. I played fairly well in defense, neither of the other team's goals I thought was directly attributed to me playing poorly, unlike games in the past. We had Ermi, Juan, and Guy up front, absolutely jelling and could have put a few more in the net. A nice way to end the season, and get us in the middle of the table.

Nov. 15th, 2010

Div3: SuperNova FC 3, Gang Green 3

It was the perfect night. I ate enough before the game, had energy. I got there early. I stretched. Everything was pointing towards a good outing.

I had to play goal for a bit in the first half. Let one get by.

I played horrible defense the rest of the way. It was probably pretty decent defending on most people's standards, but I was off the whole night in my opinion.

We lost the win in the closing couple minutes. Another stupid breakaway that they kept getting throughout the game.

We should have won 5-2. But hitting the net was a tough task.

So frustrating.

Nov. 11th, 2010

Div3: SuperNova FC 4, More Cowbell 2

I thought we should had beat this team the last game. This time we did. I played like rubbish though, I don't feel too good about that. Having to race to the field, then throw on equipment a play without a proper stretch didn't help matters. I worked all afternoon, so I didn't eat at a proper time and get enough energy in me either. I was in D on both of their goals, of which I probably could have done much better with. I'm glad the rest of my team fought through, came back twice from one goal deficits and put the game away in the final 15 minutes. Only the third win of the season with two games left.

Nov. 5th, 2010

Div5: Fairfax United 2, Own Goal 0

We played against a team that was getting blown out of every game. Prior to the game, they only scored 1 goal and gave up 69 goals. And for about 3/4 of the game, it was a lot of messing around and not taking the game seriously. Not until it was late and it was time to put a couple goals on the board. I took the ball and drove up the right side of the field, weaving around people, took a shot which was blocked, but Alex cleaned up the rebound. On the second goal, I got a nice pass that skipped by a defender, then just raced up the left side of the field and shot it across the goal into the other side of the net. More than enough to get the win on this day. And finally, a game where I didn't have to play in goal.

Nov. 4th, 2010

Div3: More Cowbell 2, SuperNova FC 1

Besides a single mistake which led to one of their goals, I played about the best defense I've probably ever played. I even had a little luck on my side to not pick up a foul on a couple semi-breakaways the other team had. They could have beat us 4-1, but we could have done the same. We had a multitude of opportunities to score, but either took bad shots, didn't shoot, passed the ball around too much, amongst other things.

It was a pretty good night weather wise. It was cool but not cold, and a little mist was coming down. I'll take that any day.

Oct. 26th, 2010

Div3: SuperNova FC 3, Cool Kids 1

16 people showed up! AMAZING. It works wonders when you have a full team and enough skill players on the field to make a difference. And an actual goalkeeper. This is what our team should be like all the time. An unstoppable force that can pass, shoot, score, play D, block shots, everything. Afterward, apparently the other team made note that they lost to the "scrubbiest team" in the division. Ha. They're just mad because it was their last game and they got knocked out of first place and won't advance. I hope we win our last 4 games so we can end up with the same record as them. That would delight me to no end.

Oct. 22nd, 2010

Div5: Fairfax United 1, Imperial Pursuit 1

Our goalie went down with an injury in the first 5 minutes. I had to play in goal the rest of the way. A soft goal got by me in the 2nd half. Luckily we were able to equalize the score a bit later. I'm not too terribly impressed with my play tonight. Then again, I'm not an actual goaltender either.

Oct. 19th, 2010

Div3: SuperNova FC 2, Kicks FC 2

We were one person down... they were two down. Advantage! Right? Maybe?

From the get go the officiating was horrible. They went up 1-0 on a call that should have been offsides. Not only that, we had a play later in the game that was *identical* that we scored on, but our offsides was called. Thanks, refs. Not to mention the plethora of awful out of bounds calls or non-calls.

I got a yellow for taking out a whiny girl in the 18 yard box. It led to a penalty kick that our goalie saved. Waaaaahhh. Ya know, I grow tired of these other teams who herp derp over every call on the field. You got your free kick, so shut up.

Basically, we dominated the whole game, but the finishing wasn't there. Both our goals were lucky as hell shots that snuck by on impossible angles. Which, it's about time we got some of those to go our way. We've been on the other end of those almost every game.

After getting my yellow card in the second half, I sat out the required two minutes and then came back in as a forward, rather than at defense. I am much more likely to take liberties on defense than I am on offense, so it was better that I pushed up and did positive things. Where did I play? Wing. What happened? Magic. I had about 5 or 6 magnificent crosses, with my left foot of all feet. One came right to a teammate that cranked it off the post. Others were just hairs away from being tipped in by others. I also took a free kick from, oh, 25-30 yards out. I bent it around the wall they set up, but it clanked it off the post. Inches away from a goal. The last play of the game was a corner kick that I took. I haven't took a corner that good in a long time, and our cluster of players just missed out on a last second go-ahead goal.

It was a good game overall. Of our 10 players that showed, 6 were regulars, 4 were subs. That's been the average ratio as of late. But it was a tie. I'm sick of ties. It's not losing, but it's not winning either. I need more wing time. People need to realize this.

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