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Div3: SuperNova FC 3, Gang Green 2

Another fine start to the season. I mean that sarcastically as well. While we did have 4 substitutes, they were all guys. Only 3 girls showed up so we had to play 2 players short on the field the entire game. The other team was also short. They did have one extra girl so we had to play 9v10 the entire game, however they had no subs whatsoever. So we did have the advantage of getting rest to half our team.

I was back on defense, and managed to hold my own. My only major blunder was in the last minute of the first half, they had a free kick and I was standing in no-mans land. They chipped the ball and I held for an offside call, but they played it correctly and ended up scoring to end the 1st half. That tied it at 1-1, which was deflating after having the advantage of the wind at our backs that half.

However, I did make up for said blunder. After going up 2-1, they came down the field on a 2v2, and their player that had the ball was taller, faster, slightly more skilled. So as he came towards our goal, I kept backing up until the 18 yard box, then held my ground until he decided to make his move. He used a couple jukes and fancy footwork, but I didn't buy it, and the second he had slightly lost control, I stepped in, won the ball, and moved it up to my forwards who ended up netting the third goal. All me, baby, haha.

They threw the farm at us at the end of the game and got another last minute goal, but the end whistle blew right after they scored, so the win was never in doubt. 2 points to start the season while being two people down, not too bad. I don't mind having so many substitutes either, especially with the shape I'm in. Hopefully we can stay near the top of the table this season, if we can have a consistent team show up every game, that will be more than possible.



May 2011

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