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Div5: Fairfax United 3, Own Goal 1

Full team for a second game in a row! Only 1 guy sub, so we're still lacking in the substitution department. We played at a brand new field, and it's absolutely *gorgeous*. It's turf, it has a pavilion, heated bathrooms, a tiny practice field, beautiful landscaping, it's a sight to see. Too bad we only have one more game scheduled there.

We played against a team who was brand new last season. They are a bit better now, and their goalkeeper was absolutely on fire. He kept the game as close as it was, because we could have blown open the game really early. I had a couple shots that he stretched all out on to save, He stopped a couple of Alex's close range attempts. We also had a handful shots that went over the crossbar, so our accuracy was a bit off as well. Eventually we got the go-ahead goal in the first half on a pass I slid to Alex inside 10 yards from goal and he was able to bury it.

The second half seemed stagnant for a long time. It got to the point where I was thinking "how are we not up 7-0 right now?" Then I got my goal off of a throw in. We were deep in our offensive third, I took a throw in near the goal line and weaved around a couple players, until it was just me and the goalie. There was no doubt in my mind what I was going to do, being in this situation so many times in my life. I acted like I was going to go across the entire goal with the ball, and once I had the goalie leaning just a bit, I flipped the ball near side in the small space between him and the goalpost. Alex sealed it a couple minutes later on a through ball. He was able to break through their defense and slide a shot in the corner of the net. The other team added a goal very late, in fact we didn't even kick off afterward, the ref blew the final whistle.

We did win, but you can tell our overall fitness levels are putrid. I knew what I was going to be like. First game of the season, my body doesn't know better and I can trick it for most of the game. I felt even more sluggish a lot quicker in this one. Also, there were some 50/50 balls that our team could have got to and won that the other team were able to take a little too easily. Also, we were without a couple people, otherwise I think we do win 7-0. But I am satisfied with the win. It's the second 2-0 start our team has had since I joined. The other time was Spring '09, and we only won 1 more game the rest of that Spring. I have a feeling we'll win a lot more than 1 game this time around.



May 2011

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